Our Ethos, Values, Mission and Aims

Welcome to St. Mary’s.  We hope that you soon feel a valued part of our school. We believe children learn in response to the environment in which they find themselves and to the adults whom they encounter. At St. Mary's School, we can offer classes in attractive surroundings, led by a highly professional and dedicated team of teachers, support staff and governors. We care for the development of each individual child. 

‘Pupils thrive in the very happy, warm and caring setting, so that they achieve exceptionally well, both academically and in their personal development. Pupils feel a keen sense of belonging to their vibrant school and to the local community. They are particularly eager and proud to contribute positively to it. Pupils’ behaviour is consistently exemplary. A high level of mutual respect and courtesy with adults and between pupils pervades. This reflects the outstanding care and warmth that radiates from all staff who continually encourage pupils to achieve their best.’

Ofsted Report June 2009


Our Mission Statement

Our school's prime aim for the education of our children is reflected in our mission statement,


‘We enjoy learning and achieving in a Christian environment’.

An Interview with God

I dreamed I had an interview with God...

Please click on the link below to watch the interview.

An Interview with God


The SCARF Principles






Every Child Matters at St Mary's

St. Mary’s wants every child to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being. School strives to ensure careful consideration of the 5 outcomes of the Every Child Matters Agenda in all our policies and practice.

Confidence in a school comes from knowing and understanding what is happening in it. This prospectus is intended to provide information about our school, our aims, curriculum and activities. It is important that mutual trust and understanding should be the basis of our shared responsibility. Included in this prospectus are a few simple guidelines that help the school to function smoothly.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school for further information.


Our Aims

We aim to develop our school into a lifelong learning community that fosters faith, hope and love and in which:

- have full access to the National Curriculum and Religious Education
- develop confidence and self-esteem in a happy, secure school environment
 - are treated equally and given the same opportunities to reach their full potential
- are encouraged to appreciate and respect cultural identity and value the importance of community cohesion
- develop spiritually and appreciate Christian values
- develop a caring, considerate nature to others in the school and wider community
- are responsible citizens in Greenfield, Oldham and beyond with an awareness of British values
- have pride in and look after their environment
- develop as capable, independent, lifelong learners prepared for global citizenship in the twenty-first century

Staff and Governors
- share a clear sense of direction and Christian values, working together with a shared philosophy and practice
- recognise the value of sharing enthusiasm, ideas and expertise to generate enthusiasm in the children
- work together to find solutions to problems, supporting and helping each other
- are committed to embedding community cohesion in the curriculum
- are constantly questioning and evaluating their work
- are receptive to new ideas and keep up to date with professional development

Parents, Carers and Families
- are regarded as partners in the education of their children and fully support the learning process in school
- are encouraged to engage in their children’s learning and be pro-active members of the school community

- provides valuable religious, pastoral and spiritual guidance and support
- is committed to strengthening positive links with school

Wider Community
- is valued as a shared resource and as a provider of support for the school