Our Governors 2016-17

We have a very committed and dedicated team of Governors at St Mary’s who are always striving to support and challenge the school’s leadership team to ensure that the best decisions are made for the children at St Mary’s. The whole Governing body meets twice per term, once to discuss school issues and once to address Local Authority issues. All Governors are members of various sub committees who meet regularly to review policies, address action plans and keep up to date with local and national issues (e.g. Resources, with responsibility for Finance, Premises, Health, Safety and Drugs and Curriculum, Policy and Standards).

All Governors have a link class with whom they correspond and visit and are duty Governors each month for the letting out of the school premises. Please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Governing Body should you wish to do so. This can be done through the school office or the Governors’ email addresses or even just chat to them in the playground as many are parents of the school as well.


Link Class Governors

Each September governors choose their link classes, usually 2 governors per class.  The governors then write to the children in their chosen class telling them a little bit about themselves. The children write back with the term's topics, assembly dates and any class trips and invite the governor to these.  The children also send Easter/Christmas cards and calendars out. Governors also attend on governor day usually February each year.

Reception  -           Sarah Roberts

Class 1       -           Louise Alcock and Janine Parkin

Class 2       -           Dr Letizia Alterno

Class 3       -           Dr Mark Rahn                                        

Class 4       -           Debbie Dorobat and Reverend Barbara Christopher

Class 5       -           Reverend Jenny Degg and Elizabeth Pilkington

Class 6       -           Graham McGuffie and Sam Dainty

Governors' Documentation

Please select from the documents below.

File icon: pdf Governors Directory 2016-17 v2 Jan 2017 [pdf 286KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Governor's Duty Rota 2016-17 v2 January 2017 [pdf 36KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf St Mary's C.E. (A) Primary School Governing Body Code of Practice 2016-17 [pdf 354KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Governing Body Registration of Interest April 2017 [pdf 228KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf St Mary's C.E. (A) Primary School Governing Body 2016-17 [pdf 269KB] Click to download
File icon: xlsx Governor Attendance Spring 2_2017 [xlsx 22KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Governance Handbook January 2017 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Competency Framework for Governance January 2017 [pdf 675KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Clerking Competency Framework January 2017 [pdf 287KB] Click to download

Our Governors

Mark Rahn - Chair of Governors

Contact:  mark.rahn@mtiventures.com


Sam Dainty - Parent Governor

Contact:  sdainty@mmhs.co.uk


Suzanne Hall- Headteacher

Contact: S.Hall@greenfieldstmary.oldham.sch.uk


Graham McGuffie - Diocesan Board of Education Representative - Vice Chair Governor and Chair of the Curriculum Committee

Contact: graham.mcguffie@live.co.uk


Kelly Wike - Teacher Governor

Contact:  K.Wike@greenfieldstmary.oldham.sch.uk


Sarah Roberts - Parent Governor

Contact: psroberts4@sky.com


Rev. Barbara Christopher - Foundation Governor

Contact:  barbara.christopher@tiscali.co.uk


Jenny Degg - Diocesan Governor

Contact:  jennydegg@manx.myzen.co.uk


Debbie Dorobat - Foundation Governor

Contact:  debbiedor24@gmail.com


Louise Alcock - Foundation Governor

Contact: louise.alcock@btopenworld.com


Elizabeth Pilkington - PCC Governor

Contact:  lizhp2170@lizhp2170.plus.com


Dr Letizia Alterno - Parent Governor

Contact:  lety_alterno@yahoo.it