Welcome to Year 1


Hello and welcome to year 1. Our teacher is Miss H. Bosnjak. She is supported by Mrs Wibberley in the mornings and Mrs Barlow teaches during planning time.  In Class 1 we pride ourselves in following St Mary’s Golden Ways; Take care of yourself, Take care of others and Take care of your school.

Our Class Link Governor is Rachel Swanswick and Ryan Selby.

Year 1 Classroom

There are 30 children in our class.

We will be following the New National Curriculum. Learning is topic based, as it was in Reception. We aim to provide as many enrichment opportunities as possible with new Art and ICT opportunities as well as trips and focus weeks.

Transition from the Early learning Goals to the National Curriculum will be closely monitored.

Year 1 will build on the successful principles and approaches encapsulated in Reception but will challenge at a year 1 National Curriculum Level.

Children will learn through adult lead, adult initiated and child initiated challenges. Free play is called ‘challenge time’ where children have set tasks to complete through independent exploration.

We have a Mathematics area, Writing area, Reading corner, Role play area, Construction area, and a Finger Gym (to develop fine motor skills). Learning through play will still be an important part of our day but we will be gradually eased into more formal learning as the year goes on, so that we stay motivated and eager learners.

Year 1 Newsletters

Please select a document from our half termly newsletters below.


File icon: pdf How can I help my child read at home [pdf 413KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year 1 Autumn 1 Newsletter 2018 [pdf 311KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year 1 Parent Meeting 2018-2019 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year 1 Autumn 2 Topic Overview 2018 [pdf 202KB] Click to download

Our Day

In the morning we focus on English and Mathematics. We learn to read and write through the Read Write Inc. phonics programme and develop or mathematical knowledge through practical games, activities and problem solving.

In the afternoon we learn through challenges, focusing on Science, ICT, DT, History and Geography, Art and Music depending on our half termly topic. We also develop our spiritual social and emotional skills through RE and PSHCE.

Year 1 Curriculum Coverage Map

Please download the document below.


File icon: pdf Year 1 St Mary's Curriculum Coverage Map 2018-2019 [pdf 259KB] Click to download

Year 1 Topic Overviews for Each Half Term

At different times of the year depending on what the topic is, you may find different role play areas such as a weather station or toy shop.  We always start our topic off with a question to explore, find out what we know and then find out what we want to know about the topic.  To access topic resources to support our learning in class please click on the picture link in the section below.

Additionally there is a document below to access information about the topics being studied by half term.


File icon: pdf Year 1 Autumn 1 Topic Overview 2018 [pdf 49KB] Click to download

Topic Resources

Please click on the picture link to access resources to support your topic work this half term.


We are rewarded through Team Points for the right attitude to learning, effort and behaviour. Our behaviour is monitored through the SCARF principles – Safe, Caring, Achieving, Respectful and Friendly.

Each day someone will be awarded the Daily Scarf Award. This is someone who has stood out in some way, either by the work they have completed, the effort they have put into their work, how they have behaved or how they have treated other people. They get to wear our special scarf award badge, receive a certificate and are treated like a VIP the following day!

Purple Mash

Please can I encourage you to sign up for/install Purple Mash at home. It is through this that we deliver the computing curriculum in year 1 and we will have increasing projects to complete on the site. The more your child practices at home the more fluent they become. I am also encouraging the use of a keyboard and mouse as well as touch screen and track pad to ensure your child becomes computer literate. Your child can access Purple Mash from home on a laptop, desktop or a tablet. Purple Mash is a safe environment that does not require any downloading or allow interaction with people online and children cannot make any financial transactions. We will be encouraging the children to continue their learning at home and Purple Mash is a great resource for this. Your child will be taught how to use Purple Mash in school and will be able to use it without supervision, but you may want to take a few minutes to explore it yourself so that you can help them with their work. Please click on the picture link to login to Purple Mash.

Note:  You have already had your child’s username and password - please let me know if you need this again.

Home Learning

Home Learning

  • During the first half of the term there will be an emphasis on a return to basics for Home Learning. These are non-negotiable elements that focus on reading or being read to, spelling and times table/number facts practice on a daily basis.
  • In response to parental concerns about knowledge of their children’s learning in mathematics, the home learning policy is being redeveloped to incorporate an approach that allows parents and their children to engage in their next steps of development in this area. Further details will be available once the policy has been finalised and ratified by Governors.
  • There will be no project based learning in this first term.


Please refer to our 'How can I help my child read at home' guide for parents in the Class Newsletter section at the top of this page.


In due course, children will have spellings sent home to practice, with a weekly spelling check.

Please also sign and return the Home School Agreement to confirm you support St Mary’s approach to home learning.

Number Facts

Please practice number facts and basic skills pertinent to your child’s age group expectations (See St. Mary’s Mathematics Expectations Year 1 2018-19).

  • Counting on and back in 2s, 5s, and 10s
  •  Counting reliably forwards and backwards to 100
  • Recalling doubles and halves up to 20
  • Recalling pairs of additions and subtractions for each number up to 20

End of Year Expectations

Please select a document from the list below.


File icon: pdf St Mary's English Writing Expectations Year 1 [pdf 98KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf St Mary's Reading Expectations Year 1 [pdf 145KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf St Mary's Mathematics Expectations Year 1 [pdf 177KB] Click to download


In the Autumn Term the children will have P.E. on a Wednesday with Mrs Kipling and Thursday with Miss Bosnjak.  Please bring suitable indoor and outdoor clothes in school colours) in one PE bag, which can be mixed and matched depending on the weather. Please make sure all clothing is FULLY LABELLED with your child’s name.