Year 3


Our teacher is Miss S. Cuerden and Mrs Meadham (Thursdays)

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Barlow in the mornings and Miss Owen in the afternoons.

Miss Cuerden will be out of class on a Thursday to carry out SENCo duties, Mrs Meadham will teach the class.


Our Class Link Governors are Mark Rahn and Courtney Reece

Our Classroom

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Year 3 Curriculum Coverage Maps

Please click on the link below to view the Year 3 curriculum at St Mary's for 2022-23. 

Year 3 Newsletters

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Topic Resources Autumn Term First Half

Science - Animals including humans

The children will learn the names of the bones in the human skeleton and will find out about the skeletal structure of other animals.

History - ‘Who first lived in Britain?’ This question forms the basis of our study of Prehistoric Britain during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The children will develop their skills of historical enquiry through an understanding of changes in land, wildlife and living conditions.

Please click on the links to access resources to support your topic work this half term. 

Autumn Term First Half Knowledge Organiser

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Year 3 Treasury of Texts

As a school we want to promote reading for pleasure and enthuse your child about reading.  We have chosen a range of texts, from a variety of authors, with an excellent record of accomplishment in writing high quality children's books.  Please click on the picture link to find out more about the scheme or select the document below to see our Year 3 booklist.

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Home Learning

Friday: Spellings (From Friday 16th September 2022)

  • New spellings will be given out each Friday and tested the following Friday
  • Children will bring home their scores and a list of any words they may have found tricky
  • Please ensure that your child brings their spelling folder in each Friday so that I can check they have completed their activities linked to their spelling list


Friday: Reading Diaries (From Friday 16th September 2022)

  • Children are encouraged to read each day for ten minutes minimum at home, in addition to the reading they complete in school
  • If your child is a Free Reader, they have the choice of which books they read at home
  • If your child is on the reading scheme at school, we will send home an appropriate book for them to read. Please return this to school each Friday so that we are able to monitor their progress
  • Please complete the weekly reading diary with information of which book they are reading, any words they found difficult and if they enjoyed the book. I will be looking at these diaries each Friday and will set additional tasks if required


Thursday: Multiplications

  • Mrs Meadham will be leading the multiplication tests with the children each Thursday
  • She is starting with revising 2, 5 and 10 times tables, and will gradually increase this as the children demonstrate their progress on each set
  • Please ensure that your child brings their multiplication folder in each Thursday

Autumn Term First Half

Tuesday afternoon (Miss Cuerden)

  • Gymnastics/Fitness

Thursday afternoon (City in the Community)

  • Football/Team Games

Please make sure your child comes to school on PE days wearing their kit. You will receive a text if your child is not wearing the correct kit in school on the day of a lesson.

PE kits will be sent home at the end of the half term to be washed and returned. All items should be labelled clearly with your child’s name: • plain white round necked T-shirt • trainers for outdoor PE • pumps for indoor PE • plain dark jogging bottoms/leggings and tracksuit top

Please note that no jewellery of any kind may be worn in PE. If your child wears earrings, they should be able to remove them independently. Only newly pierced ears may be covered with plasters. Long hair must be tied back.



In Key Stage 2, children are allowed to bring in their own fruit or vegetable snack to eat at playtime.  Snacks should be fruit or vegetables – this does not include snacks containing fruit e.g. cereal bars.  School does not provide milk but this can be purchased each half-term via arrangement with the school office.

Making Appointments

Please contact the school office to make an appointment if you would like to speak to us about the contents of this newsletter or indeed any other matter. For reasons of safeguarding, children must be supervised as they enter the classroom at the start of the school day and as they leave in the afternoon. This means it is not practically possible for adults welcoming or dismissing the children to speak at length to family members - we do appreciate your understanding with regard to this.

Year 3 End of Year Expectations

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