Year 3 Events Gallery 2017-18

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing this year.

Cultural Diversity - Visions of China! - February 2018

Cultural Diversity Week was a fantastic learning experience in Class 3, with a study of China made up of a wonderful range of creative activities from the expressive arts including writing, dance and painting.  We worked in groups to create our own non-chronological reports, practised calligraphy with numerals, painted plum blossom trees and made lanterns.

The Great Outdoors! - February 2018

As a result of OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities), children develop problem solving skills through a variety of team building and orienteering activities that take place outside.  The photographs clearly show the children’s enjoyment in expanding their awareness of the external environment whilst learning to communicate their thoughts and intentions effectively with their peers.  

The Great Outdoors! - February 2018 Cont.

More photos from our activities.

Learning in Class 3 is shaping up well! - January 2018

In Class 3 we have recently completed a Mathematics teaching sequence with shape as the main focus.  This included building 3D shapes whilst developing the ability to describe and reason about their properties.  The children made shapes in a range of ways which included cutting out and sticking nets, using Multilink cubes and finally using art straws – all of this within the context of developing language and applying problem solving skills.  The photographs reflect the children’s hard work, concentration and level of engagement.  We hope you enjoy them!

Trip to Manchester Museum - January 2018

On Wednesday 10th January 2018, Class 3 visited the Manchester Museum to participate in a workshop entitled “The Mystery of the Thunderstone”.  This experience had been chosen to deepen our thinking and develop our skills linked to the learning challenge question “Who were the first people to live in Britain?”

We were greeted by a delightful lady called Hannah who welcomed us to the Museum and settled us into The Lab.  Using trowels and brushes to discover hidden artefacts, we learned to be archaeologists.  As part of this process we also recorded grid references and descriptions.  The final step was to order the objects from “oldest” to “newest”, giving reasons.  Hannah then gave us pictures which we needed to match to artefacts within the museum itself.  The key learning point was to consider whether each object was presented in its natural state or to what extent it had been crafted.  This involved looking at tools, weapons and armoury made from a range of materials including stone and metal.  It wouldn’t be fair to give away the answer, here, to the mystery of the thunderstone but Hannah was most impressed with our work and the eventual outcome.

Following a tasty lunch, we had the chance to explore the museum galleries.  Wow!  There was so much to see and do.  We were so grateful to Mr Beharall, Mrs Clarke, Mr Gosling, Mr Pope and Mrs Weaver for volunteering to help on the trip as it meant that we could see the museum in small groups and choose our favourite parts to visit and discuss.  Popular sections included the Vivarium and the Egyptians.  The day was over far too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to make the journey back to school.  What a great trip – and thanks to the PTFA for making it possible.