Year 4


Our teachers are Mrs Wray (Mon-Wed) and Mrs O'Brien (Thu-Fri).

Our teaching assistants are Miss Owen, Mrs Jones and Mrs Barlow.

Our Class Link Governors are Debbie Dorobat and Rev. Barbara Christopher.

Welcome to Year 4 September 2022

Please see presentation below.

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Our Classroom

Take a tour of our classroom.

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Year 4 Curriculum Coverage Maps

Please click on the link below to view the Year 4 curriculum at St Mary's for 2022-23. 

Please Note:  These maybe subject to change, as necessary to fulfil the ongoing needs of the curriculum.

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Year 4 Newsletters

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Topic Resources Autumn Term First Half

What happens to the food we eat?

•Identify and name the parts of the human digestive system

•Know the functions of the organs in the human digestive system

•Identify and know the different types of human teeth

•Know the functions of different human teeth

•Use and construct food chains to identify producers, predators and prey


•Use classification keys to group, identify and name living things

•Know how changes to an environment could endanger living things

•Group materials based on their state of matter (solid, liquid, gas)

Roman Britain - How did Manchester get its name?

Our topic focus this term is heavily History based, and will be looking into the following areas;

  • Know how Britain changed from the iron age to the end of the Roman occupation
  • Know how the Roman occupation of Britain helped to advance British society
  • Know how there was resistance to the Roman occupation and know about Boudicca
  • Know about at least one famous Roman emperor

Please click on the links to access resources to support your topic work this half term.

Autumn Term First Half Knowledge Organiser

Please select the document below.

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Year 4 Treasury of Texts

As a school we want to promote reading for pleasure and enthuse your child about reading.  We have chosen a range of texts, from a variety of authors, with an excellent record of accomplishment in writing high quality children's books.  Please click on the picture link to find out more about the scheme or select the document below to see our Year 4 booklist.

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Autumn Term First Half

Friday: Spellings

New spellings will be given out each Friday and tested the following Friday.  Children will bring home their scores and a list of any words they may have found tricky.


Friday: Multiplications

I will be continuing to set the children challenges and tasks on Times Table Rock Stars.

I am also going to send home multiplication books, where the children will be able to practice the methods we have been working on in class.


PE - Autumn Term First Half

PE will be on a Monday and Thursday until half term.

Monday – Sports development

  • Team sport games

Thursday - (Mrs O’Brien)

  • Gymnastics

Children should come dressed ready for outdoor PE lessons.  Government guidelines remain that PE should be taught outdoors wherever possible.  We will endeavour to deliver PE whatever the weather so please ensure your child brings a fully waterproof coat to school on these days.  It may be, on particularly inclement days that we have to make the decision that it is not safe to do PE outside due to the playground surface being unsafe.


In Key Stage 2, children are allowed to bring in their own fruit or vegetable snack to eat at playtime.  Snacks should be fruit or vegetables – this does not include snacks containing fruit e.g. cereal bars.  School does not provide milk but this can be purchased each half-term via arrangement with the school office.


Wider Opportunities in Music

We are extremely excited that the children in Year 4 are able to participate in brass lessons as part of our wider opportunities program. Mr Haslam will be coming into school each Friday 10:45-11:45 and teach the children how to play various brass instruments. School will provide the instruments so there is no need for the children to bring anything in.

I will be sure to keep you updated of their progress!

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check June 2023

Please click on the picture link to find out more about these national tests.

Year 4 End of Year Expectations

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