Year 4 Gallery of Events 2017-18

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing this year. 


The Bridgewater Hall - July 2018

As part of the Wider Opportunities in Music Programme year 4 played their brass instruments at the Bridgewater Hall!

Manchester Your Today

Virtual Rowing Competition - June 2018

Year 4 had a great time with Mrs Kipling seeing who could row the fastest!

Visit to a Moravian Settlement - May 2018

We visited the Moravian Church in Droylsden. Fairfield is a Settlement congregation which was opened in 1785. It was planned and built by its own congregation, with its inn, shop, bakery, farm, laundry, fire-engine, night-watchman, inspector of weights and measures, an overseer of roads, and even its physician. There were community houses for sisters and brethren, who applied themselves to the varied work of the Settlement. 

With the passing of time have come changes. The boarding schools of Fairfield have gone. Fairfield is no longer a self contained village; the watchman no longer makes his nightly rounds, and in the farm meadows are now streets and houses.

Weather Percussion - April 2018

We made percussion instruments as part of our Science Home Learning Project on ‘Sound’. We composed, practised and performed pieces of music on a ‘typical Manchester weather’ theme.

Macbeth Freeze Frames - March 2018

We used freeze frames in drama to depict the key scenes in Macbeth during Shakespeare Week.

Practical Maths Lesson - January 2018

We explored triangles and other 2-D shapes in maths. We learned about orientation and angles.

Practical Maths Lesson - October 2017

Exploring equivalent fractions.