Welcome to Year 5 2017-18

Miss Wike will be teaching Monday to Friday in Class 5 and Mrs Barlow will teach on a Thursday afternoon during my PPA time. Mrs Connor will be in class daily supporting the children’s learning in mathematics and Mrs Wibberly will support the class each Friday afternoon.

Our Class Link Governors are Reverend Jenny Degg and Ms Elizabeth Pilkington.

Year 5 Classroom

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Year 5 Newsletters

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Year 5 Curriculum Coverage Map

Please click on the link below to view the Year 5 curriculum at St Mary's for 2017-18. 

Please Note:  These maybe subject to change, as necessary to fulfil the ongoing needs of the curriculum.


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Home Learning

The children will receive their home learning task on Thursdays and this should be returned by the following Tuesday. Tasks will alternate between mathematics and English and the children will have two books, one English book and one mathematics book. The learning will be linked to the work we have recently completed in class or to specific learning objectives for this year group. Occasionally, the children will be asked to complete their own research project where they will present their learning to others. Following on from Class 4, if the children miss three home learning tasks throughout the academic year I will send a letter home. If your child needs an extension with tasks or if it is an area they are having difficulty with, then please let me know.

Spellings will be given out on each Friday and will be tested the following Thursday. Spelling lists will consist of the statutory Year 5 word list and three different spelling patterns. These spelling patterns will be repeated for three weeks. The spelling scheme is challenging at times but it does build on previously learnt words and patterns. To help with understanding I have put each spelling into context with an example sentence on the back of the spelling sheet. It is important that these spelling patterns are learnt to support the work we will be completing in class and to meet the expected learning objectives for the year group.

Times tables knowledge will support the work we do in mathematics as we will be completing mental calculations and formal written method calculations for multiplication and division problems as well as applying these skills to fractions, decimals and percentages. Therefore it is crucial that they can recall the facts quickly without having to count up and down. To retain these facts and speed we will complete a weekly times table assessment. This will be an unseen test, which will change tables each week, will consist of twenty four questions, twelve multiplications and twelve divisions,. The times table to be tested will be given out on Thursday and will be assessed each Wednesday.


Year 5 End of Year Expectations

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File icon: pdf St Mary's English Writing Expectations Year 5 2016-2017 [pdf 129KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf St Mary's Mathematics Expectations Year 5 2016-2017 [pdf 333KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf St Mary's Reading Expectations Year 5 2016-2017 [pdf 105KB] Click to download


PE will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays.