Year 5 Gallery of Events 2017-18

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing this year.

Space Data - May 2018

During our last home learning project, which was about space, Class 5 created their own line graph to share an aspect of data linked to space. Using this line graph, questions and answers were written. In groups of three, everyone shared their data project and two members of the group answered the questions using the line graph.

Science Investigation - Dissolving Solids - May 2018

During out materials topic, in Science, we worked in groups to investigate whether solids dissolve and how we can alter different variables to affect how these solids dissolve. Some changes made included the temperature of water, the amount of stirs or the length of time taken to stir and the amount of solid added to the water. Each group planned their own experiment and then recorded the findings before suggesting improvements if the experiment was carried out in the future.

Disecting Daffodils - May 2018

In Science, we learnt about the reproductive parts of flowering plants. We dissected daffodils to closely examine each part.

Visit to Manchester Museum - April 2018

When learning about the rainforest and other habitats, Class 5 visited Manchester Museum. We took part in a workshop where we used lots of different scientific vocabulary to describe different animals before handling some reptiles that are homed in the museum's vivarium. We also explore the vivarium, looking for clues, to investigate which species need our support now that there are facing extinction. Later, in the afternoon, we visited the other rooms and exhibitions in the museum.

Visit to Madina Mosque - April 2018

To learn about different world faiths, we visited Madina Mosque, in Oldham, to learn about Muslim worship and beliefs as well as furthering our understanding of the features of a mosque. During the trip, we had a tour of the mosque before the imam explained what took place during daily worship as well as the reasons for some religious practice. We learnt a lot and had a very enjoyable time.

Musical Collaboration

Class 5 are working with Saddleworth High School to create a musical composition based on Benjamin Britten's Storm. We have enjoyed two fantastic workshops and have more to look forward to.

Visit from the Police

As part of our learning in SMSC and to help us to learn more about the world we live in, Oliver's dad visited Class 5 to explain what is involved in his job in the police. Before his visit, we planned questions and sent him a selection of them. We learnt a lot to answer these questions as well as much more besides. We also got to see some of the uniform, protective clothing and equipment used within this exciting position of responsibility. Not only did we learn a lot, we had a lot of fun.

Rainforest Poetry - March 2018

Class 5 have also been working with Saddleworth High School to develop their poetry skills. Writing ambassadors and English teaching staff visited us where we wrote poems about the rainforest. Part of the creative writing process involved getting into the role of pirates to help our imagination when describing settings using descriptive phrases, metaphors and similes.

Saddleworth Literacy Festival - March 2018

As part of the Saddleworth Literacy Festival Year 5 have been writing poems about the Rainforest.

Please find a book of our poems in the document below.


File icon: pdf Y5 Poetry Booklet - An Anthology of the Rain Forest - February 2018 [pdf 3MB] Click to download

Posada Figures Visit - December 2017

Class 5 enjoyed a visit from the Posada figures before they continued their journey towards St. Mary's Church.


Visit from Reverend Barbara - December 2017

Reverend Barbara visited Class 5 to answer their questions about the Bible. During this RE topic we have been learning about how and why the Bible is important to Christians. Reverend Barbara explained how she uses the Bible in her work.

Anglo-Saxon Workshop - November 2017

Class 5 took part in an Anglo Saxon workshop where they made swords, shields and helmets in pairs. In the afternoon, they made their own brooch in the same style as those discovered from this time period. The workshop was great fun and everyone learnt a lot of Anglo Saxon life.


Anglo-Saxon Workshop - November 2017

More photos from our workshop.

Times Tables Practise - October 2017

Class 5 worked with Class 3 to support their learning of times tables. We all enjoyed the extra practise and helping each other.