Year 6


Our teachers are Mr R Selby (Monday to Wednesday) and Miss Maloney (Thursday and Friday)

Our teaching assistant is Miss Smith

Our Class Link Governors are Grahame McGuffie and Sam Dainty.

Our Classroom

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Curriculum Coverage Maps

Please click on the link below to view the Class 6 curriculum at St Mary's for 2022-23. 

Please Note:  These maybe subject to change, as necessary to fulfil the ongoing needs of the curriculum.

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Class 6 Newsletters

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Topic Resources Autumn Term 

History: Why was the Islamic civilisation around 900AD known as the ‘Golden Age’? This half-term we will be starting a history topic on early Islamic society. We will focus on the fascinating developments during this time period in Baghdad: from the House of Wisdom to the world’s first hospitals! The children will be using their previous learning to compare this culturally advanced society with the relatively primitive life lived at the time in Anglo Saxon England, which they will have knowledge of from their learning in Class 5.

Science: What would a journey through your body look like? Including: The circulatory system Organs of the body Impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on health Transportation of nutrients and water.

Geography:  Map Skills

Please click on the links to access resources to support your topic work this half term.

Autumn Term First Half Knowledge Organiser

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Home Learning - Autumn Term


It is vital that children keep reading at home, not only for their future academic success, but also as a means of escape and pleasure. In the classroom, we will complete class Guided Reading activities each morning (Mon-Thu). These sessions will often focus on our current class book, but will also feature a range of text types to compare and contrast.


To help the children pick high-quality and interesting books to read, we have a Year 6 recommended reading list which is full of fantastic suggestions. This list has been very positively received in previous years, with many children discovering new books and authors they would never have previously considered. We would love the children to read books from this list and rate/review them for other children in the class, but they can – of course – also continue reading books of their own choice outside of this list as well.


It is essential that children in Year 6 read regularly, both independently and with an adult at home. Please consider making time for a regular ‘bedtime story’ reading session, if this is not already part of your evening routine – it really does help for the children to hear reading modelled by an adult, so they can also access books which are more challenging than they may be able to read themselves.


Each week, the children in Year 6 will be expected to complete a reading diary where they can write about their reading for the week. This could be in the form of a book review, character description, a list of great vocabulary they have discovered and the meanings of the words… they are free to be creative and share their reading in lots of different ways! We will expect them to be returned to school each Monday, and they will be given back out again on Tuesday for the next week. Please support your children in completing this to their highest possible standard.



Spelling tests will be completed on Fridays, with new words being given out on paper, and via the Parent App, each week.  Each new half-term will begin with an ‘unseen’ test which will be based on some of the words from the previous half term.



Please encourage children to log in to Times Tables Rock Stars regularly to improve their recollection and speed. We have set a weekly home learning challenge to complete 20 minutes of ‘Studio” time each week as this is the game mode which records their average times per question and gives us some fantastic data regarding strengths and areas to improve. Particularly popular is the “Rock Slam” game mode where children can challenge each other… and the teachers!

Every Friday, the children will bring home their arithmetic task, which is completed in school. We expect that they will look at this at home to see where they could improve on their score the following week, and practise the questions they made mistakes with. 

Year 6 Treasury of Texts

As a school we want to promote reading for pleasure and enthuse your child about reading.  We have chosen a range of texts, from a variety of authors, with an excellent record of accomplishment in writing high quality children's books.  Please click on the picture link to find out more about the scheme or select the document below to see our Year 6 booklist.

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Autumn Term First Half

Tuesday afternoon  - Invasion and team games
Friday afternoon  - Dance
Please make sure the children come to school in correct PE kit on Tuesdays and Fridays, so they are ready to take part in the lessons.


In Key Stage 2, children are allowed to bring in their own fruit or vegetable snack to eat at playtime.  Snacks should be fruit or vegetables – this does not include snacks containing fruit e.g. cereal bars.  School does not provide milk but this can be purchased each half-term via arrangement with the school office.


SATs Assessments May 2023

Whilst we want every child taking this year’s SATS to achieve their very best, and we will prepare them accordingly, we also cannot emphasise enough how important it is that they remain stress-free and relaxed. No child’s future will be decided by 4 hours of assessments in May, and all content assessed has already been learnt between Year 2 and Year 6. There is nothing for the children to worry about!

Please click on the picture link to access the infomation.

Year 6 End of Year Expectations

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