Our teachers are Mr R Selby: Monday – Thursday and Mrs C Kipling: Friday

Mrs Barlow will be supporting the children in their learning during lessons on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Our Class Link Governors are Grahame McGuffie and Sam Dainty.

Our Classroom

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Class 6 Curriculum Coverage Map

Please click on the link below to view the Class 6 curriculum at St Mary's for 2020-21. 

Please Note:  These maybe subject to change, as necessary to fulfil the ongoing needs of the curriculum.


File icon: pdf Year 6 St Mary's Curriculum Coverage Map 2019-20 [pdf 260KB] Click to download

Class 6 Newsletters

Please click on the link below to download our termly newsletter.


Topic Resources

Please click on the picture link to access resources to support your topic work this half term.

Purple Mash

Please can I encourage you to sign up for/install Purple Mash at home. Your child can access Purple Mash from home on a laptop, desktop or a tablet. Purple Mash is a safe environment that does not require any downloading or allow interaction with people online and children cannot make any financial transactions. We will be encouraging the children to continue their learning at home and Purple Mash is a great resource for this. Your child will be taught how to use Purple Mash in school and will be able to use it without supervision, but you may want to take a few minutes to explore it yourself so that you can help them with their work. Please click on the picture link to login to Purple Mash.

Note:  You have already had your child’s username and password - please let me know if you need this again.

Home Learning

Home Learning

Tuesday: Reading diary/tasks

  • Due back into school the following Monday unless there is a specific task to complete outside of normal reading diary tasks. If this is the case, the date to return work will be in the book.
  • Please encourage the children to record their work in these books neatly and to take care with their spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Thursday: Spelling

  • We will be increasing the number of “unseen” tests during the Spring Term so that we can assess current retention of spellings, and to prepare the children for their SATs.

Friday: Mathematics

  • Due back to school on the following Wednesday unless another date is given inside the front cover of the book.

SATs Support

In preparation for SATs examinations, and secondary school(!) children will also receive an increased amount of focussed SATs revision home learning in both English and mathematics as the half term progresses. Please do try to support your child with this positively, whilst encouraging them to attempt it independently. We will try not to overload the children with this, so please do let us know if there is ever any serious difficulty completing work on time due to other demands outside of school and we will be understanding. Also, please encourage the children to ask in school if there is anything they do not understand.  Whilst we want every child to be fully prepared for the SATs examinations, we do request that you remain low-key and positive with your preparations at home. These examinations are a chance for the children to show some of their learning in English and mathematics to the best of their ability. However, there is far more to the children of Class 6 than the narrow range of skills tested, and we do not want them to become unnecessarily worried or stressed because of them. They will be prepared, and they will do their best – this will always be good enough, and we will remain as proud of them as you will, regardless of their performance in the tests.

Please click on the picture link to visit our SATs Support page.

SATs Booster Sessions

We will soon be sending out information regarding booster sessions to help the children prepare for the SATs. The sessions will take place after school, and will be run by a range of teachers from across school. These groups are carefully arranged based on current-need, but it does not mean your child is struggling if they are invited to attend sessions – we try to invite every child to participate over the course of the preparations. Groups will be subject to change as and when this is necessary, and any changes will be communicated with you as soon as possible.  

If your child is unable to attend a particular day, it will unfortunately not be possible to swap groups in most cases, as the groups are matched to content required for each child.  

If your child is invited to attend and you do not wish for your child to attend, this is absolutely fine, but do please let us know so the place can be offered to someone else.

Year 6 End of Year Expectations

Please select a document from the list below.

File icon: pdf St Mary's English Writing Expectations Year 6 [pdf 122KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf St Mary's Reading Expectations Year 6 [pdf 183KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year 6 Mathematics Book Expectations 2019-20 [pdf 125KB] Click to download

P.E. - Autumn Term First Half

Tuesday afternoon Gymnastics

Thursday afternoon Netball 

Please make sure your child has both an indoor and outdoor PE kit in school on these days, and that everything within their kit is the correct size. You will receive a text if your child has not got the correct kit in school on the day of a lesson.


In Key Stage 2, children are allowed to bring in their own fruit or vegetable snack to eat at playtime.  Snacks should be fruit or vegetables – this does not include snacks containing fruit e.g. cereal bars.  School does not provide milk but this can be purchased each half-term via arrangement with the school office.