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Foreign Language at St Mary's - Spanish and French

Not all of our teachers are brilliant linguists, but they are comfortable doing their bit in the classroom, and they know that the emphasis has to be on making it fun so the children feel positive about languages when they go to high school. This is a great opportunity for teachers to think creatively and produce some really inspiring teaching.

Our classrooms are the ideal place to learn languages. They are a safe and secure environment so children feel they can take risks and try out these new sounds. And our teachers can easily make links with other subjects,for example, by doing the warm-up exercises in PE in Spanish for example. This means it's little and often, which is a great approach for young children. Classes are simple and focus on oral skills. The idea is it's always fun. At the beginning of the day, the register is taken in Spanish or French. Often, basic instructions such as 'stand up', 'sit down' or 'put your hand up' may be given in another language too.

We know that it can help with other lessons in the curriculum. For instance, the focus on speaking, listening and grammar can raise children's awareness of their own English skills, which can in turn enhance the mastery of their own language.

Our MFL Curriculum

Every child from Reception studies Spanish and develops their interest in the culture of other nations.  School has an annual Cultural Diversity Week when pupils spend the week learning about a particular culture, for instance, Reception Class learn about Russia and Year 3 study China.

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