History Overview

We have developed a bespoke knowledge-rich curriculum which gives children access to broad knowledge in History. We have a well sequenced programme that builds knowledge and vocabulary in a well thought out way and ensures that learning is remembered for the long term.  We ensure content meets and exceeds the national curriculum. Content is planned so that more difficult abstract concepts are covered in different contexts over time. For example in History children develop an understanding of Monarchy by learning about different Kings and Queens throughout KS1 and 2 to understand hereditary monarchy and a study of the Mayan civilisation which provides a contrasting view of an absolute monarchy. 

History is promoted through a question based curriculum, providing opportunities to research answers, solve problems and develop historical skills.  The school is well resourced, has its own schemes of work and also uses published schemes to support the subject. Exciting topics such as 'How could Hitler have convinced a nation like Germany to follow him?’ and  ‘What did the Romans do for us?’ engage the children and motivate them to learn.

Pupils use their studies in these subjects to develop their writing and many units of work will contain essays for the children to write based on what they have learned.  We have high expectations for what children will know and remember in each subject.

See the overview for further information.

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History Learning Resources

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