Mathematics at St Mary's

Our approach is designed to enhance understanding and enjoyment, as well as raise attainment for every child.  Mathematics at St Mary’s pulls together many established ideas and methods into one rigorous teaching approach.

Children are encouraged to physically represent mathematical concepts. Objects and pictures are used to demonstrate and visualise abstract ideas, alongside numbers and symbols.  Mathematical concepts are explored in a variety of representations and problem-solving contexts to give pupils a richer and deeper learning experience.

A mathematical concept or skill has been mastered when a person can represent it in multiple ways, has the mathematical language to communicate related ideas, and can independently apply the concept to new problems in unfamiliar situations.

Mastery is a journey and long-term goal, achieved through exploration, clarification, practice and application over time.

Mental and Written Calculation - Sense of Number Visual Calculations Policy

The New Curriculum for Mathematics sets out progression in written methods of calculation, which highlights the compact written methods for each of the four operations. It also places emphasis on the need to ‘add and subtract numbers mentally’ (Years 2 & 3), mental arithmetic ‘with increasingly large numbers’ (Years 4 & 5) and ‘mental calculations with mixed operations and large numbers’ (Year 6). There is very little guidance, however, on the ‘jottings’ and informal methods that support mental calculation, and which provide the link between answering a calculation entirely mentally (without anything written down) and completing a formal written method with larger numbers.

This policy (especially in the progression of addition and multiplication) provides very clear guidance not only as to the development of formal written methods, but also the jottings, expanded and informal methods of calculation that embed a sense of number and understanding before column methods are taught, here at St Mary’s.

Please click on the link below to access the document which details the Overview of Calculation Approaches; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division at St Marys.


File icon: pdf St Mary's Overview of Calculation Approaches 2016-2017 [pdf 4MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Thurs 23rd February Mathematics Parent Workshop Flyer 2017 [pdf 272KB] Click to download