Oldham Schools Spelling Bee - June 2017

This term, we have been taking part in the Oldham Schools’ Spelling Bee, alongside eighteen other Oldham schools. This has involved each class taking part in their own Spelling Bee to find three class finalists. The children were tested on their year group spellings, in rounds, until three children remained. The children were very excited and couldn’t wait to show off their spelling skills.

Following this, on 22nd June, the KS2 final was held with much anticipation. The children were confident and the parents nervous as the quest to find our overall finalist began. Despite some tricky spellings, the children continued to succeed round by round. Eventually, we got down to the final two and, the overall winner, for our school was Noah from Y3. Noah would now take part in the Oldham final, taking place in the Council Chambers, with the Mayor of Oldham in attendance. The runner up was Malachi from Y4 who was just as amazing!

Meanwhile, on the morning of 27th June, the FS/KS1 final took place in school. All nine finalists were amazing and it was very difficult to get anyone out as they were all fantastic spellers. Eventually, a winner was found and the title went to Maya from YR. Our runner up was Grace Charlton from Y2. Both girls received a plaque with the third and fourth place children receiving cuddly bee.

The Oldham final took place in the afternoon of 27th June. Noah, along with his cheering party, waited patiently for the final to begin. Noah performed brilliantly against the children from the other schools and, round after round, he continued to spell all his words correctly. We are extremely pleased to say that Noah came third overall and this is a massive achievement considering all the children who took part across the eighteen Oldham schools. Noah’s friends, classmates, staff and parents couldn’t be more proud!

Noah won a medal, a dictionary and a book token for his amazing efforts.

Well done Noah!

And big thank you to all the teachers and children who took part with enthusiasm over the last few weeks.

Spelling Bee Contest - June 2017

Our great spellers.