Hiring the School Hall

The Governing Body regards the school buildings and grounds as a community asset and will make every reasonable effort to enable them to be used as much as possible. However, the overriding aim of the Governing Body is to support the school in providing the best possible education for its pupils, and any lettings of the premises to outside organisations will be considered with this in mind.

A charge will be levied to meet the additional costs incurred by the school in respect of any lettings of the premises.

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Definition of Letting

A letting may be defined as “any use of the school premises (buildings and grounds) by either a community group (such as a local music group or football team), or a commercial organisation (such as the local branch of ‘Weight Watchers’)”.   A letting must not interfere with the primary activity of the school, which is to provide a high standard of education for all its pupils.

Use of the premises for activities such as staff meetings, parents’ meetings, Governing Body meetings and extra-curricular activities of pupils supervised by school staff, fall within the corporate life of the school. Costs arising from these uses are therefore a legitimate charge against the school’s delegated budget.

Administrative Process

Organisations seeking to hire the school premises should approach the Site Manager, who will identify their requirements and clarify the facilities available. A School Letting Request Form (a copy of which is attached to this model policy) should be completed at this stage. The Governing Body has the right to refuse an application, and no letting should be regarded as “booked” until approval has been given in writing. No public announcement of any activity or function taking place should be made by the organisation concerned until the booking has been formally confirmed.

Once a letting has been approved, a letter of confirmation will be sent to the hirer, setting out full details of the letting and enclosing a copy of the terms and conditions and the Hire Agreement. The letting should not take place until the signed agreement has been returned to the school. The person applying to hire the premises will be invoiced for the cost of the letting, in accordance with the Governing Body’s current scale of charges. (Schools may wish to seek payment in advance in order to reduce any possible bad debts.)

The hirer should be a named individual and the agreement should be in their name, giving their permanent private address. This avoids any slight risk that the letting might be held to be a business tenancy, which would give the hirer security of tenure.

Terms and Conditions

All terms and conditions set out below must be adhered to. The “Hirer” shall be the person making the application for a letting, and this person will be personally responsible for payment of all fees or other sums due in respect of the letting.

Status of the Hirer

Lettings will not be made to persons under the age of 18, or to any organisation or group with an unlawful or extremist background. The hire agreement is personal to the hirer only, and nothing in it is intended to have the effect of giving exclusive possession of any part of the school to them or of creating any tenancy between the school and the hirer.

Persons may have to undergo, at the discretion of the Governing Body, a criminal record check via the Criminal Records Bureau (DBS). If a particular letting involves contact with the school’s pupils, all personnel involved must be checked against List 99 and undergo a DBS check, in accordance with DfES guidance. These checks must be made by prior arrangement with the Headteacher, with at least half a term's notice in advance to ensure that the checks can be carried out in time.

Any adults working with the school’s pupils (for example, at an after school sports club) must be appropriately qualified. Sports coaches must follow the LA’s guidelines for working in schools.

Priority of Use

The headteacher will resolve conflictng requests for the use of the premises, with priority at all time being given to school functions.


The Hirer shall ensure that the number of persons using the premises does not exceed that for which the application was made and approval given.

Public Safety

The Hirer shall be responsible for the prevention of overcrowding (such as would endanger public safety), and for keeping clear all gangways, passages and exits. The Hirer shall be responsible for providing adequate supervision to maintain order and good conduct, and - where applicable - the Hirer must adhere to the correct adult/pupil ratios at all times.

Own Risk

It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure that all those attending are made aware of the fact that they do so in all respects at their own risk.

Damage, Loss or Injury

EITHER:  The Governing Body has arranged appropriate public liability insurance to cover all legal liabilities for accidents resulting in injuries to persons (including all participants in the activity for which the premises are being hired), and/or loss of or damage to property, including the hired premises, arising out of the letting. A pro-rata cost of the insurance premium has been included in the hire charge.

Neither the school, nor the Local Education Authority, will be responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property arising out of the letting of the premises.

Furniture and Fittings

Furniture and fittings shall not be removed or interfered with in any way. No fittings or decorating of any kind necessitating drilling, or the fixing of nails or screws into fixtures which are part of the school fabric, are permitted. In the event of any damage to premises or property arising from the letting, the Hirer shall pay the cost of any reparation required.

School Equipment

Responsible adults must supervise the use of any equipment which is issued and ensure its safe return. The Hirer is liable for any damage, loss or theft of school equipment they are using, and for the equipment's safe and appropriate use.

Electrical Equipment

Any electrical equipment brought by the Hirer onto the school site MUST comply with the LA code of practice for portable electrical appliance equipment. Equipment must either have a certificate of safety from a qualified electrical engineer or be inspected by the LEA. The intention to use any electrical equipment must be notified on the application.

Car Parking Facilities

Subject to availability, these may be used by the Hirer and other adults involved in the letting.

Toilet Facilities

Access to the school’s toilet facilities is included as part of the hire arrangements.

First Aid Facilities

There is no legal requirement for the school to provide first aid facilities for the Hirer. It is the Hirer's responsibility to make their own arrangements, such as the provision of first aid training for supervising personnel, and the provision of a first aid kit, particularly in the case of sports lettings. Use of the schools resources is not available.

Fire Regulations

The person responsible for the security of the premises before, during and after the hire will explain the fire procedures to the hirer. The advice will specifically relate to emergency evacuation procedures, fire alarm points and fire fighting equipment, assembly points and roll call of personnel, location of telephone and how to summon the Fire Brigade and emergency services. A written copy of fire evacuation procedures will be issued to hirers.

Food and Drink

No food or drink may be prepared or consumed on the property without the direct permission of the Governing Body, in line with current food hygiene regulations. All litter must be placed in the bins provided.

Intoxicating Liquor

No intoxicants shall be brought on to or consumed on the premises without direct permission of the Governing Body.


The whole of the school premises is a non-smoking area, and smoking is not permitted.

Copyright or Performing Rights

The Hirer shall not, during the occupancy of the premises, infringe any subsisting copyright or performing right, and shall indemnify the Local Education Authority against all sums of money which the LA may have to pay by reason of an infringement of copyright or performing right occurring during the period of hire covered by this agreement.


The Hirer shall not sub-let the premises to another person.


Hire charges are reviewed annually and the current charge is set out in the Lettings Request Form

Variation of Scales of Charges and Cancellations

The Hirer acknowledges that the charges given may be increased from time to time (they will be reviewed by the Governing Body on an annual basis) and that the letting may be cancelled, provided that in each circumstance at least 28 days notice either way is given. It is the Hirer's responsibility to notify parents in writing (where appropriate) of any changes in dates or venues at least a week in advance.


The Governors will hire and pay for a person to be responsible for the security of the premises before, during and after the hire, and for the cleaning of the premises after its use. This cost will be included in the charge for the letting. If no suitable person can be employed, then the letting will not be allowed or will be cancelled. Only named key holders may operate the security system. Keys should not be passed to any other person without direct permission of the Governing Body of the school.

Right of Access

The Governing Body reserves the right of access to the premises during any letting. The Headteacher or members of the Governing Body from the Premises and Safety Committee (or suitable alternative) may monitor activities from time to time.

Conclusion of the Letting

The Hirer shall, at the end of the hire period, leave the accommodation in a reasonably tidy condition, all equipment being returned to the correct place of storage. If this condition is not adhered to, an additional cost may be charged.

Vacation of Premises

The Hirer shall ensure that the premises are vacated promptly at the end of the letting. The Hirer is responsible for supervising any children taking part in an activity until they are collected by a responsible adult. In the event of an emergency, occupants must leave the school by the nearest exit and assemble on the playground. The Hirer must have immediate access to participants’ emergency contact details, and may use the telephone in the school office in the event of an emergency.   Hirers are responsible for familiarising themselves with emergency exits and must ensure that participants are aware of evacuation procedures.

Promotional Literature/Newsletters

A draft copy of any information to be distributed to participants or through the school must be sanctioned by the Headteacher a week prior to distribution by the Hirer.

 Conditions of Use
  1. Application for a letting does not necessarily guarantee acceptance. All applications will be confirmed, or otherwise, by the Headteacher (or other Designated person).
  2. Organisations will be required to pay the letting charge if the premises are opened for the letting even if the letting does not take place.
  3. The School reserves the right to cancel or amend this letting in the event of the premises subsequently being required for school activities. In this event as much notice as possible will be given but the school will not be under any obligation to offer alternative accommodation.
  4. The letting must be correctly supervised by the Hirers who will undertake to pay for any damage caused by their use of the premises and are responsible for their own third party liability cover.
  5. Multiple Lettings: All accounts are payable within -- days from the date of the account. The school reserves the right to refuse the hirer subsequent admission to the premises if any account remains unpaid after this period.
  6. Single Lettings: Payment for single lettings must be made to the school before the commencement of the letting.
  7. If a letting over-runs the time booked, an additional charge will be made.
  8. The school reserves the right to amend the charges giving – days notice.
  9. The hirer must make him/herself fully conversant with the fire drill for the premises and the position of appliances and emergency exits. He/she must also keep a register of members for Health and Safety reasons. In the event of an evacuation of the building the hirer is responsible for informing the member of the Governing Body that all group members have been evacuated safely.
  10. Once completed the School Letting Request Form should be returned to the School Site Manager.

Failure to comply with the Conditions of Use may result in a letting being cancelled and may jeopardise any future