Eco School Council 2019-20

Our school councillors are from year 2 to year 6, they are chosen through a voting selection by their own class. You can only be a School Councillor once.  As a school council we have weekly meetings with our teacher Mrs Wray,to make sure everything is up to date and to see if anything needs to be done. We signed the Pledge for Peace when we signed the Mayor came to visit. Every term we present a power point on British Values so that we are all aware of them.  At St Mary's we are a very important part of school life, as it gives all of the children a voice, and a chance for pupil's ideas to be heard.  During each term we hold a HEAT Day where we discuss and raids issues around Eco and improve our outdoor environment.

Our Council Members 2019-20

Year 2 : Oliver and Emily

Year 3 : George and Jessica 

Year 4: Harry and Lily 

Year 5: Ben and Kayla 

Year 6 : George, Maiya, Charley and Millie

Playground Pals - Autumn Term 2019

Year 3 :

Violet, Molly, Freddy and Harry


Year 4 :

Dylan, Troy, Madeline and Ava


Year 5 :

Rufus, Dylan, Sophie and Amber


Year 6:

Ewan, Leo, Maebh, Emily, Ilaina, Lily and Sadie

Visit from WE Charity - Friday 11th October 2019

Learn more about this fantastic charity by clicking on the picture link and visiting their website.

International World Peace Day - Saturday 21st September 2019

International Peace Day, this is celebrated across the world on the 21st September each year. As it is a Saturday this year, all classes in school will acknowledge the event during worship time on Thursday mornings.

MP's Visit - June 2019

We had a visit from the MP Debbie Abrahams on Monday 24th June and the School Council and children asked the questions.

See our questions below.

File icon: pdf Questions for the MP [pdf 197KB] Click to download

Premier League Primary Stars Plastic Pollution Challenge - Spring 2019

Premier League Primary Stars and Sky have teamed up to help children learn about simple changes everyone can make to a postive impact on the local and global environment and help prevent further ocean plastic pollution this is something our Eco-School Council feel strongly about.

The Sky Ocean Rescue campaign #PassOnPlastic aims to shine a spotlight on the issues affecting ocean health, find innovative solutions to the problem of ocean plastics, and inspire people to make small everyday changes that collectively make a huge difference.  A key goal is to reduce single-use plastics.  They are setting primary schools a challenge to help tackle ocean plastic pollution at your school or in your local community.

We want to help!  In the coming month we will be presenting an assembly about this campaign and our next HEAT Day will be based on  this topic.

For more information please click on the picture link.


Learn more about Plastic Pollution

File icon: ppt Plastic Pollution PowerPoint [ppt 11MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Plastics and the Environment PowerPoint [ppt 14MB] Click to download

Green Flag Award - January 2018

We have we successfully gained the Green Flag award for the next two years.  Thank you to all those involved! 

Our Values






School Eco-Council Additional Documentation

Please select from our documents below.

File icon: pdf Own and British Values [pdf 594KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf British Values Tolerance Presentation [pdf 768KB] Click to download

Meeting Agendas 2019-20

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File icon: pdf 30th September School Council Agenda 2019 [pdf 328KB] Click to download

Minutes from Council Meetings 2019-20

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File icon: pdf 30th September School Council Minutes 2019 [pdf 328KB] Click to download