St Mary's Health Champions

Chidren from year 3 through to year 6 were encouraged to apply for the role of Health Champion leader for St Marys. Amelia and Grace from Year 4 were chosen to be our Health Champions for 2018-2019.

During the year the girls will take part in the course which is split into 3 main themes;

-  Healthy Me

-  Happy Me

-  Active Me

On the 26th September we attended the 1st part of the course - Healthy Me!

The girls now have the task of writing an action plan which will involve the school becoming healither in body and mind.

Watch this space for more exciting information from our Health Champions!

St Mary's Health Champions 2018-19

Health Champions Workshop - January 2019

On Wednesday 16th January Amelia, Grace and I attended the second part of the Health Champions workshop.  This was an all day event with schools from across Oldham. It was held at the Oldham Millenium Centre.  The theme of the day was mental health and well being.  We took part in lots of activities to help promotoe mental health and well being at St Mary's. We are now writing an action plan and will be speaking with other staff members to implement some of the ideas and strategies we came across on the day through out school. Watch this space.....